New Cunts - Number 31 August 1981

New Cunts – Number 31 August 1981

New Cunts – Number 31 August 1981
English, German, French | JPG | 52 Pages | 137.12 MB

New Cunts 31 Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax

Housemaid Hole: CC Model Dora
Peachy Quim: CC Model Henriette

Having bumped into each other at the supermarket, Mitzi had invited her old school chum Rita, back to her place for coffee and a chat. “Adolf’s at home,” she said, referring to her husband, “but he’ll be too busy with his work to disturb us!” When they arrived, Rita was helping Mitzi out of the car with her shopping, when she accidentally spotted Mitzi’s newly shaven cunt. “When did you lose your pubes?” she asked curiously. “Come on in, and I’ll tell you!” Mitzi smiled in reply …

Jeppe’s attempts to teach Irene his version of “Chinese Patience. were wasted. His new girlfriend just couldn’t learn the rules. “God!” he thought to himself, “I hope she screws better than she plays cards!” Jeppe had been planning to get into her pants, and decided the best approach should be the direct one. “It’s now or never!” he said to himself, climbing onto the bed beside her. and pulling up her sweater, so that he could lick one of her firm upstanding nipples …

When Gary called me on an urgent business matter, I dropped what I was doing and drove straight to his place. He always mixed business with pleasure so I was expecting some sort of a surprise! The surprise was his new maid, Genevieve, who kept on giving me sexy looks, as she served us drinks. “Does she … you know?” I asked Gary. “Does she!” he answered slyly, “you just stick your hand up her skirt … And find out for yourself!”


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