New Cunts – Number 67 March 1992

New Cunts – Number 67 March 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 114 MB

New Cunts 67 kitten Natvada, plus more… Color Climax Corporation

Quick Thrill – Zora Niemann
Soft And Silky – Deidre Holland
Shaving Lesson – Janet Monroe ( Dark Hair )
Sex Kitten On Heat – Kitten Natividad

Whenever one of Butch’s bachelor friends invited him to a party, he knew it would be a bit of a boring affair. The guys always outnumbered the girls by at least six to one, which meant that the possibility of scoring a piece of pussy was very remote… One party was the exception to the rule, however. There were masses of chicks and he managed to win the heart – not to mention another vital organ – of the prettiest girl…

Ilsa loved the new exercise bike that her boyfriend Johan, had given her. He thought it was a good investment too. She liked to keep in shape, and he loved the shape it kept her in! One morning Johan was in a very horny mood. And knowing that his girl-friend would be nice and sweaty between her legs after a ride, he decided to grab her for a quick fuck, before she took a shower…

The expression: “Lucky at cards, un-lucky in love”, did not apply to Yvette. She was a high class Paris call-girl, whose clients were all loaded with bread. So whatever kind of games they liked to play, she al-ways came out the winner! Like the evening evening she went to service two rich, rather eccentric brothers…

Kitten was the kind of woman who believed in taking the bull by the horns. Even though she was Spanish, she did not believe in leav-ing things until “manana”. She was mature and “sexperienced” and whenever she felt the urge to have a prick between her legs, she went for it. Like the day she spied Rico, the new handyman, when he was tidying up the drive to her house…


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