New Cunts - Number 72 June 1993

New Cunts – Number 72 June 1993

New Cunts – Number 72 June 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 27.71 MB

New Cunts 72 Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax

When Monica bought a triple mirror set from a Lon-don shop, she wanted to have it delivered. The delivery man was a negro. It is a well known fact that black guys love blondes and vice-versa. Jimmy was totally mesmerised by Monica’s charms. And as she went upstairs, saying goodbye to Jimmy at the same time, he couldn’t help noticing her panties tucked into the crack of her arse…

Biking had always been one of Agathe’s simple pleasures. When she was a teenager, she was already very familiar with all the back-doubles around Munich, and the smell of her saddle would have made a sniffer the happiest man in the world! Later, she joined a bike-club. It was there that she met Karl-Heinz and Dieter. One day, she suggested that the three of them take a ride in the country…

A lot of people think that women cannot live without a prick to give them sexual satisfaction. This was not the case with Ingrid and Anna. The two girls had nothing against men, but sometimes, when the conversation got down to “basics”, and they needed an immediate solution to get rid of the itch between their thighs, the answer was simple…


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