New Cunts - Number 83 March 1997

New Cunts – Number 83 March 1997

New Cunts – Number 83 March 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 106.16 MB

New Cunts 83 The international magazine for lovers of shaven cunts by Color Climax

Lola loved fast men and fast cars And when she read an advertisement in her local paper, offering a Jaguar E-Type for sale, she made a bee-line for the address in the advertisement, hoping that the car had not been sold… Luckily, it was still there when she arrived. The owner, a foxy guy called Berndt and one of his pals, an equally tricky bastard named Freddy, decided that even if Lola did not buy the car, they could always have a little fun with her… Both men had pricks that…

Frank could smell a nymphomaniac from half a mile away. And when Janice pulled into his gas-station, his nose began to quiver… “Fill her up and check the oil!” Janice said with a sexy smile as she leaned over her car and gave Frank an eyeful of her charms… “I’d rather fill you up, baby!” Frank replied hornily. Janice was on vacation, and Frank’s offer was the perfect way to start her holiday! “Your place or mine?” she said, giving Frank a significant look. Luckily, Frank had a little apartment at the…

Tamara was not a bad girl in the accepted sense of the word, but she was always ending up in jail. Tamara was “bad” in the best possible way, but the cops were getting a little tired of picking her up for her indecent way of behaving. Normally, it was a case of a night in the lock-up and home the next morning with no charges. But one evening, she flashed her “goodies” at a very puritanical police inspector, who did not appreciate the sight of a juicy little cunt… She was in deep shit, back in the “tank” and in need of legal representation…


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