New Cunts - Number 85 April 1998

New Cunts – Number 85 April 1998

New Cunts – Number 85 April 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 97.4 MB

New Cunts 85 juicy Lucy, plus more… Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax.

Sometimes, things can happen quite unexpectedly, and to everybody’s satisfaction… One morning, Lucy was sitting in the yard of her condo, daydreaming about her favourite occupation: fucking! Her cunny was growing juicier by the minute, when a voice interrupted her reverie… “You look as though your mind’s in the bedroom!” It was Joe, one of her neighbours… “You must be telepathic!” Lucy replied with a laugh. “The truth is, I could really use a big, stiff cock right now! I’m feeling as hot as hell!”

Odile was a real “looker”, or as her latest lover Robert described her: “A Black Venus”… He met her at a party his boss was throwing, and it was a question of love – not to mention lust! – at first sight. He invited her to lunch at his place the next day, and he almost came with happiness when she accepted his invitation. Odile played it cool at first, but she soon started to get warmed up when Robert pulled her into a hot embrace and began to stroke her in all the right places! The sweet, natural scent from her body worked like…

Gregory and Mikael were a pair of tricky bastards, who had a pocketful of ploys when it came to get-ting into a girl’s pants. Suzie believed Mikael when he told her that he had a very close friend who could help her with her career as an interior designer… She did not even think about it when Mikael arranged a meeting, and told her that she did not need to take her portfolio with her… “Gregory would like to get to know you a little better first!” he explained without a single scruple…

Dolly did not need a good-luck charm like a rabbit’s foot. She had her own very personal “talisman”: a “lucky cunt”, which had its own very special kind of “charm”! It was irresistible, and her boyfriend Ken, could not keep his hands off it – or his cock out of it for that matter! Early one morning, she was standing on the patio of Ken’s house, enjoying the view over the ocean and the California hills, when she felt something hard pressing into her backside…


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