Rodox – Number 04 October 1979

Rodox – Number 04 October 1979
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages |11.7 MB

Rodox 04 magazine by Color Climax. This superbly erotic magazine simply overflows with horny sex-action and includes fist-fucking plus some of the wildest orgies you can imagine!

When Henrik awoke at half past ten, with an awful hang-over and a terrible head-ache, he was very surprised to find a woman In his flat – and even more to find her in his bath-tub! Then he suddenly remembered that Eliza had been the number one boozer at the champagne party … “Oh, my poor head!” he moaned, “… and what the hell am I going to do with her – I don’t feel like screwing her in this state!” Slowly but sure he began to piece together the events that took place the night before. “Now I remember … Eliza got champagne, spunk and piss all over her, then she went out to wash and fell asleep!”

“Fm always prepared to extend my services for at-tractive female customers,” said the manager, who was called Jim, with a charming smile. Charles his assistant, a little, dark-skinned fellow from Trinidad added, “The boss is right – we’re at your disposal!” Cindy realised exactly what they were suggesting! She invited them in for a drink. “And I expect that sex is also on that list of customer services – correct me if I am wrong!” she added sarcastically. “Of course, if the conditions are right and the woman in question doesn’t nag …” answered Jim, “but that doesn’t seem to be the case with you!” he kissed her softly. God, was he hot for her! “We women can do things other than nag!” whispered Cindy, strip-ping off feverishly and exposing her full, heavy breasts.

Gudrun and Kai were really enjoying their evening’s visit to Sophie and Fred. The atmosphere in the lounge of their friend’s flat was very relaxed, and when Fred suggested that they play a new game he’d learned called, “Spin The Bottle”, they were most intrigued. “All you do is spin the bottle,” explained Fred, “when it stops, the person it’s pointing at takes off their clothes. Look like this,” he said rotating the bottle on the table top. “What a great Ideal« enthused Kai, who had been longing to get an eyeful of Sophie’s body for ages. The girls were all for it too, “Go ahead spin,” said Gudrun excitedly. The bottle ended up pointing at Sophie. “Your loss is our gain,” grinned Kai lecherously as he helped Sophie out of her clothes …


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