Rodox - Number 05 January 1980

Rodox – Number 05 January 1980

Rodox – Number 05 January 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 72 Pages | 46 MB

Rodox 05 special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex published in 1980 by Color Climax Corp featuring model Michelle Sheppard!

“Whew, it’s so hot,” complained Fritz and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “if it wasn’t for the breeze I’d be cooked to death! The people here don’t seem to be bothered by the climate, and … !” Fritz’s words stopped abruptly. Seng Kwang’s reaction was contained in her inscrutable, oriental smile. The air-line-employed girl only understood about half of what her new German boyfriend was talking about. “What do you think about going to the floating market?” she asked him. “Yes, magnificent, Venice in Thailand!” laughed Fritz, “everyone here seems to lead their whole life on the water, but I’m still amazed that they can tolerate the climate!” Seng Kwang gave him a loving kiss. “After the boat ride, Fritz, we’ll go back to your hotel. There’s air conditioning …”

“Hey, why don’t we Invite Belinda and Ken over for a drink this evening?” suggested Thomas impulsively, whilst he and Britta were having a cosy lunch. “Good Idea,” answered Britta under-standingly, “It’s a long time since we last saw them.” Thomas gave them a ring, and it was Belinda who answered the phone. “HI,” he said, “how do you fancy dropping over to our … ?” He didn’t manage to finish what he was saying because an excited groan from the other end interrupted him. It was obvious, something naughty was going on. “It sounds like they’re on the Job!” grinned Thomas to Britta. “Dead right,” answered Belinda openly, “and I don’t think we’ll be able to make tonight!” This suited Thomas admirably, It seem-ed as though Britta had also suddenly developed other ideas!

Bjorn and Oskar had Invited their two classmates, Lisette and Heike, out to see a movie. After their visit to the cinema, they were sitting round at Li-sette’s place, criticising the film. “What a load of crap,” said Bjorn, “why does the star always have to fuck under the sheets?” “Right on!” answered Lisette, “the cowardly prudes … I wouldn’t be afraid .. !” “You?” leered Bjorn, “you’re just half pissed … !” Lisette got up. “Now you’re going to see a really randy porno film!” She quickly set up the pro-jector and screen. Neither Bjorn, Oskar or Hence could believe their eyes when they saw Lisette In full swing on the screen. “Well, my darling, what do you think of that then?” grinned Lisette cheekily. “You’ve got a pair of lovely big tits!” answered Bjorn.

“Well I must say,” Robert’s voice was very surprised, “I come home from work, expecting my dinner to be on the table, and you are just sitting in the middle of the kitchen-table wanking! Margot glanced shyly at him. “Well you know me by now,” she said smiling coquettishly, “I always get randy at the strangest times of day!” Robert didn’t mind. In fact it suited him very well! He was always horny!


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