Rodox - Number 06 March 1980

Rodox – Number 06 March 1980

Rodox – Number 06 March 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 72 Pages | 13.32 MB

Rodox 06 Vintage Porn Magazine, Classics Of Sex!

So there I was, finally. Several weeks before, I’d set my eyes on him at my regular haunt, the night club where all the big shots in town spend their time and money. I’d never been particularly interested in all the usual studs, actors and freaks that come there -but this particular knight of the night was special. I wanted him, I’d discovered that he was a photographer, and after trying for a couple of weeks he finally agreed to let me pose. So there I was …

Having picked him up In a Marseille joint, she’d gotten him to drive them both out to the beach. Colette had made a big impression with her coarse mouth and angels face. “Well, boy, let’s see some action!” she’d provoked him. He, the tough rocker from Paris, almost felt like a little school boy in her presence. Almost hesitantly he opened her leather jacket and lifted her boobs out of the randy, black bra in order to kiss them passionately …

Diana and Sally, two high society girls were wealthy enough to have a servant in their gorgeous villa. This “Black Jack”, as they had nicknamed him, was new. Their previous servant, an Italian, had been too much of a clothes fetichist, always after their knickers. They had finally had to fire him. Black Jack seemed the perfect man for the job. “Okay, Jack, you may leave now …” said the lovely brunette Diana, smiling broadly and clinking her glass. In fact this semi-lesbian was about to tell her best friend a secret. And the highly sexual thing that Diana said was too much for Sally … she just had to kiss Diana and having done so she reclined, offering her voluptuous body with widely spread thighs … her behaviour was full of temptation …


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