Rodox – Number 08 September 1980

Rodox – Number 08 September 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 80 Pages | 86.2 MB

Rodox 08 French fuck, plus more… Rodox special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Featuring Model: Auto Erotica: France Lomay

When Monique invited Albert, a talented interior decorator, to take tea with her, and discuss the decor of her new flat on Rue Doctor Zhivago, he had no idea that the wealthy young Parisienne’s plans lay more in the direction of having her interior decorated — with his sperm! In contrast to her discreet ploy, to get him to visit her, once she had him here, she got straight to the point. “How would you like to fuck me Albert’?” she asked him bluntly. Albert’s response to her direct invitation, was to quickly pull down the front of her dress and lick the upright nipple of one of her rounded breasts, whilst his hand slid down to her moist warm pussy, that was al-ready very slippery.

Whenever I take a trip to Copenhagen, I use a friend’s apartment, instead of an hotel. On my last visit, my friend was out of town, so I had the place to myself. I was just settling down to a pleasurable half hour with a couple of porno mags. playing with my rigid tool, when I must have got lost in my fantasy, because the next thing I remember was seeing two lovely girls in the room with me. Without saying a word, they joined me on the bed, and with a smile, one of them started to rub my already poker-stiff organ …

As a senior teacher, part of professor Jensen’s duties was to make sure that peace reigned after midnight in the boarding school dormitories. It was half-past-twelve, and there was still a lot of noise coming from one of the rooms. “Okay, folks,” said Jensen irritably, “that’s all for today!” “Oh, leave it out, we’re only playing cards!” protested Hermann. “No arguments!” answered Jensen, “you all know the rules, you made most of them yourselves, now come on, get to bed!”


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