Rodox - Number 48 June 1990

Rodox – Number 48 June 1990

Rodox – Number 48 June 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages Complete Scans | 83.82 MB

Rodox 48 making up with a red hot fuck, plus more… Rodox special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Inside Stories:
Paula and Michele were having a ball on Ibiza. The two girls worked in the same office, and had decided to spend their holidays together… There were plenty of willing young guys to fuck them. And the more they got, the more they wanted! One morning, they met a young guy…

Like most lovers. Sonja and Albert. had the occasional row… Although their life wasn’t always a “bed of roses”. Albert always found flowers were the best peacemaker. He knew that a bunch of tulips would melt his lover’s heart. to say nothing of get-ting the juices running again!

Americans are known for their fetishism for big breasts. It is probably something to do with their strong attachment to the mother image. And what could symbolise that im-age better than a pair of tits?! And the bigger the better! Laura became aware of this when she started to develop big “lungs”…

I had always wanted to visit Amsterdam, since one of my good friends – who takes regular trips down there – told me what a “liberated” city it is. I finally got the chance, when I took a little business trip to Holland. My host was a very friendly Dutchman called Piet. And when I casually mentioned sex, he got on the phoned to one of his girlfriends. Jenny was “liberated” too. as I found out later, after we’d seen the tourist spots, and returned to Piet’s apartment…

The French have a reputation for being very hot where sex is concerned. And if Angelique and Henri’s behaviour was anything to go by. then that reputation is two hundred percent true! They met in a café. and ten minutes later, they were locked in each other’s arms in a passionate embrace… They had both gone out for an early morning coffee, not expecting an early morning shag into the bargain…


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