Rodox - Number 60 July 1993

Rodox – Number 60 July 1993

Rodox – Number 60 July 1993
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Rodox 60 magazine special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Busty Lust – Georgina Lempin ( Blue “outfit” )
Forever Horny – Mélina Padova
Talanted Pussy – Heather Hart
Sex Heat Wave – Susan Vegas
Sperm Drinker – Juanita De Sol

Florent was very fond of big-busted blondes, but his tit-fixation was reserved for real flesh and blood boobs – even if they were saggy and hung down to a girt’s belly-button. What turned him off were chicks with silicone implants. When one of his…

One might have thought that Julien’s job, managing a little porno cinema in Paris, would have made him blasé about sex. But this was not the case. In fact, he was constantly horny, and prepared to fuck anything that moved! And not only that, he was prepared to do it anywhere! Michelle came to appreciate this, when she was checking out the ticket prices, and Julien – who was standing behind her – commented: “You have to be over eighteen to get in here!”

Most American males have the reputation for being “apple-pie and Mom” fixated. In other words, they are “tit-men”. It’s easy to un-derstand. After all, the word mamma is an integral part of the word “mammarist”! Tex on the other hand, like a lot of guys from his na-tive state of Texas, liked to be different to his fellow countrymen. He had nothing against breasts, but the female genitalia was what really turned him on. He was a “cunt-man”, and his latest flame, a sexy little number named Sandra had the kind of pussy that lit the young Texan’s fire. She lavished a lot of care…

When there’s a heat wave in Los Ange-les, the best thing to do is go to the beach, or stay home with the air-conditioning turned up full, and play a couple of hands of strip-poker, like Nancy, her boyfriend Arnie and his buddy, Frank. Nancy lost every hand and all her clothes…

Lois was a great fan of rock stars from the sixties and seventies. Little Richard was one of her all time favourites. But even though she loved Little Richard, she was not very keen on a “little dick”! Fortunately for her, Georg – her fiancé – was also a big rock and roll fan. And his enthusiasm for music wasn’t the only “big” thing about him!


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