Rodox - Number 61 September 1993

Rodox – Number 61 September 1993

Rodox – Number 61 September 1993
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Rodox 61 special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Paul had his own version of the expression “wine, women and song”. The women were all right, but he preferred beer and jazz to wine and song! As far as he was concerned, Prague was the perfect city. The Czechs brew some of the best beer in the world, have quite a few impressive progressive jazz groups, and the girls were simply magic. He met Vera at a mid-day jazz concert in a little club. And after the band had stopped playing, the two of them went back to Paul’s hotel room, to make a little music of their own…

… but informed the maid with a significant smile, that she would have to perform a special duty in return. Delphine understood just what her mistress was getting at. And the next thing Gregor knew, he was staring open mouthed as the French maid gave her employer a kiss of the same nationality. Gregor’s reaction – apart from amazement – was to get a huge erection…

Maureen liked her men to be rough and ready outdoor types. Monty liked his women to have big fits, and preferred it if they were not too brainy. Or as he put it: “You don’t need a Ph.D to F…U…C…K.!” They made a perfect couple, each having the attributes the other desired in a lust partner. They met at a truck-stop diner, where Maureen worked as a waitress. And after Monty had eaten his dinner, he made it quite clear what he wanted for dessert! Maureen liked his no-nonsense approach…

It was not the first time that Bruno had delivered scripts to Stella, an actress, and her boyfriend. Stella found him quite cute, something that her lover was well aware of. On this particular occasion, Stella was feeling randier than usual, and Gerd decided to do something about it. He opened her dress and winked at Bruno… “I think my girlfriend has another kind of tip for you today!” he informed the amazed deli-very boy. As far as Stella was concerned, this was a dream…


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