Rodox - Number 72 May 1997

Rodox – Number 72 May 1997

Rodox – Number 72 May 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 92.25 MB

Rodox 72 big boobs and a red hot fuck, plus more… Rodox special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Featuring Models:
Denise (Loose Lady) – Meryl Box
Super Breasts – Rocki Roads and Frank Towers
Sex Maniac – Ida Fabry, Miss Pomodoro and Joey Murphy

As far as Denise was concerned, Ibiza was paradise. Having discover-ed how great the climate was, not to mention how many available cocks there were, she decided to take a permanent vacation! Denise was not totally naive. She knew that going native had its price, but she was well aware that her cunny meant money! She met Henry and Martin in a bar one evening, and agreed to meet them again the next day, knowing full well that the two guys were only after one thing. Denise had…

Helen was always thinking up new ways to surprise her boyfriend, Nick. Helen’s surprises always thrilled Nick, especially the day that she decided to shave her cunny, leaving it soft and silky. It made a really appetising sight, a treat for the eyes – not to mention the prick! As she waited for Nick to come home from work, her pussy “watered” with anticipation at his reaction to her magnificent “new cunt”… Nick was feeling horny – as per usual – and as soon as he arrived home, he made a move on his girlfriend. Helen responded by pulling out his cock and giving him a hot blow-job…

Frankie was like every other red-blooded American boy when it came to matters of the female anatomy… He loved big tits – the bigger the better! One evening, he was on his way into his favourite restaurant, when he happened to see Janice, on her way out. The huge bulges under her fur coat stopped him dead in his tracks, and suddenly, he was like a man mesmerised… He turned, his eyes glazed, and followed her into the street. Luckily, Janice had never listened to her daddy’s advice about speaking to strange men, or following them, for that matter, and after a few minutes small talk…

Randolph, or “Randy” as he was known to his friends, was an incurable sex-maniac. If he wasn’t pulling his “pudding”, whilst he fantasised having a hot fuck with one of his favourite movie stars, he was on the telephone to one of his girlfriends, trying to arrange to get laid… When Mandy and Eileen, a pair of really knock-out chicks, moved into the house next door, he waited for the right moment to introduce himself… Fortunately, he did not have to wait for long… One morning, the girls were on their way to town when he accosted them on the street… “Hi, neighbours!” he began…

Nathalie was thrilled to bits when she was called to audition for the part of a maid in a play that was scheduled for a long run at a well-known London theatre. It was a minor role, but nevertheless, she knew a lot of girls that would have put their arses on the line to get it! The audition went very smoothly, and she got the job. The only thing…


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