Rodox – Number 74 January 1998

Rodox – Number 74 January 1998

Rodox – Number 74 January 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 82 MB

Rodox 74 special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Featuring Models:
Juicy Girl Danielle Rodgers
Pussy Heat Nathalie Romel
Two Hot Holes Monica Orsini
Hungry Cunts = Sophie Call (Blond)

Katrina and Violet were on their way home from a late party, and feeling hungry, after all the Champagne they had drunk… “I know a place where we can get breakfast, if you feel like eating.” Katrina informed her friend. “The head waiter is a friend of mine. And if you don’t feel like bacon and eggs, I’m sure he’ll be only too happpy to serve a sausage and two meat balls!” Violet knew just what Katrina was getting at. A big cock was just what she needed – for breakfast, dinner – or any other time!

Jodie was a very juicy girl in every sense of the word. Her quim was always wet and itching for a big, hot cock. Her new boyfriend Ben, appreciated her needs – his cock itched just as much as her cunt! It was as if the two lovers could not last more than a day without having carnal knowledge of each other. One morning, they were on their way into town, to do some shopping, when Ben got a big hard-on… “Let’s forget about the groceries, and concentrate on the niceties!” he…

Sylviane was like a bitch in heat. Heat, in this case, being the operative word! Her cunt burned all the time, and the only thing that could put out the “flames” was a “cool” cock – or two… One evening, when the fire down below was too much to bear, she went looking for some satisfaction… The down town bars in Antwerp were always a good place to start… Piet and An were about to shut up for the night when Sylviane arrived. They could smell a hot cunt from two kilometres, and they knew that the glass of wine she ordered was not what she really wanted…

When Jenni left art-school, she was lucky enough to get a job as an art critic on one of the larger news-papers in her home town. One day, she got a special assignment to review an up and coming local artist, whose work was getting a lot of recognition at home and abroad. Jenni loved great works of art, but she loved great works of nature even more, which Alan quickly discovered from…

Life is filled with the unexpected. Take me for instance. One minute I was playing pub music in London, the next, I was the lead guitarist in a popular rock-group in Budapest… The guys were all good musicians, but the band needed a singer. So we started auditioning. Having tried a few hopefuls, we were about to call it a day when this incredible chick called Nana turned up. She was a good vocalist, but that wasn’t the only thing she was good at! We tried every way we could think of, to explain that we…


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