Rodox - Number 81 July 2000

Rodox – Number 81 July 2000

Rodox – Number 81 July 2000
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 24.18 MB

Rodox 81 Porn Magazine From Color Climax

RO81.1 – Two Dick Dame – featuring: Barbie Boller
RO81.2 – Lustful Lunch – featuring: Karma Rosenberg
RO81.3 – Unexpected Sandwich – featuring: Shonna Lynn
RO81.4 – Kinky Chicks – featuring: Biggi Mondi, Molly O’Brien
RO81.5 – Black Stud – featuring: Donita Dunes

Hans and Fritz were clever software experts just slitting their own company. But they each needed a reliable secretary and they were afraid they would have trouble finding qualified girls. Out to their great surprise the first applicant to show up for an interview was an extremely bright and beautiful blonde! Both Hain and Fntz waffled her and they each offered sexy Camilla a job. Camilla laughed and said. -But which of you, I wonder, would be the best boss to work fort

The lusty blonde gratefully absorbed their cocks and she gasped, “Give me a thorough shagging, boys. And don’t worry. Whoever hires me will still be able to get some work done… from time to time!” Hans and Fritz couldn’t believe their good fortune. Camilla’s mouth was as warm and as hungry as her soft wet pussy, and the two partners each strove to interface her with their hardware!

Dieter was awakened late one Sunday morning by noise coming from his kitchen, and by a hangover pounding in his head. He was also embarrassed to find ho was stall In his clothes. Then he remembered something about the night before. A singles bar and a lot to drink! Moments later, when ho saw her In his kitchen, some of the events the night before came back to him. The sexy brunette smiled and said, “It’s too late for breakfast but I’ve made lunch to thank you for not taking advantage of me last night. I never have sex when I first moot a man, but last night I was drunk and vulnerable!”


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