Rodox - Number 92 May 2007

Rodox – Number 92 May 2007

Rodox – Number 92 May 2007
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 pages | 75.68 MB

Rodox 92 Bitch – Lick my Anus First!, plus more… Rodox special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

For others Hasso comes across as a real macho – in reality he’s much more sensitive and obedient than that He obeys my every command. He slurps between my buttocks, licks me wet, then he slides the dildos in. He’s desperate to stick is his dick in me. But I’ll only let Hasso do that when I’m good and ready. You’ve first got to show me how deep your love is, I goad him on.

There’s no holding Hasso back now, he’s so randy. I’m going to stuff my cum in you, I’ll rip you a new asshole, I’m going to show you who the bitch is around here. Your holes are going to be on fire. You’re going to whimper and scream and yearn and beg me to shoot my semen inside you. While he’s fucking me.

Sometimes just one look is enough – I start to get wet, my pussy starts to buzz – I want to get fucked by him! – Got to get to know him and get him to get into the sack with me. Intoxicating when I touch his penis, excite him using my lips. After that he’s going to stick it in my cunt and fuck me stupid. Let your fantasy run wild and fuck me!


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