Satisfaction - Number 05 June 1994

Satisfaction – Number 05 June 1994

Satisfaction – Number 05 June 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 36 Pages | 13.60 MB

Satisfaction 05 Teenage Edition – Martha plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Martha’s favourite sport is “bedroom athletics”. And she is trying to set her own record by getting laid at least once a day. If they ever hold a Sex Olympics she is bound to win a gold medal!

Suzanne had difficulties with her studies. Not because she tacked intelligence, but because she was obsessed by pricks! Her genital fixation meant that she was constantly thinking about the cock she’d had the night before, the one she was going to have that evening, and the one she hoped to have the day after! Every boy in her class had emptied his balls into her, but what Suzanne really longed for was some more mature “meat”. Finally, she dropped out of school, having tried unsuccessfully to…

Having fellated Chuck with her classmate, Rita took a ride on his big organ. By this tim of Sharon was totally ready when he finally gestured for her to bond over. She knew what was coming, and almost fainted with joy, as his big weapon slid inside her. It was a pleasure reserved for her dream, be-cause in reality, the young high-school girl was still a virgin (The cinema was alive…


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