Satisfaction - Number 10 August 1994

Satisfaction – Number 10 August 1994

Satisfaction – Number 10 August 1994
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Satisfaction 10 Vodka Orgy plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Madelein was very impressed by one of the agents who worked for her firm – especially by his knowledge of Russia, and in particular, Russian drinking habits. “If you’d re-ally like to taste some good Vodka, I have some at home!” he told her. Madelein accepted his invitation, on condition that she could take Grita, one of her workmates along. Madelein was used to Vodka in cocktails, not straight. But she found it to be very palatable…

Despite his tough looks, Conrad was a soft-hearted guy. His soft heart became even softer, after he had fallen for Susan. But to compensate, another of his organs grew very hard! In fact, he suffered from an almost permanent erection, and could not keep his hands off his new girlfriend. Like the day they were strolling through the park, and he made a grab for her tits. Susan smiled… “Not here, baby!” she said. “Let’s go back to my place. It’s more private!” Back at Susan’s…

Sam is a black beauty from Massachusetts. where she is studying medicine. She supplements her grant by modelling. And being a very uninhibited type when it comes to sex – especially of the anal variety! – she has no problems posing. Preferably with something hard up her arsehole…


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