Satisfaction - Number 15 December 1994

Satisfaction – Number 15 December 1994

Satisfaction – Number 15 December 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 34 Pages (Incomplete) | 15.74 MB

Satisfaction 15 Teenage Edition – Sheila plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Nothing pleases Sheila more than spending a couple of weeks at her uncle’s holiday villa in Greece. It helps her to catch up with her studies of Greek mythology – not to mention a very special side of the culture that interests and thrills her: the “Brown Art” of anal-sex!

Joey was studying zone-therapy, and often used Lisa as a “guinea pig”. But what he really liked studying were her erogenous zones! Lisa loved his touch, and always got very randy after a few caresses. He always started at her ankles…

Carrie and Johanna thought the Canary Islands were pa-radise. Not only because of the climate and the beauty of the place, but also because they had found themselves a good friend in Wolfgang, or “Wolf’, as he liked to be cal-led. He was a great lover, which they discovered on their very first meeting…

The novelty of being “cornholed” soon had Johanna in the throes of a heavy orgasm. As soon as Wolf withdrew his stinky cock, Carrie was ready to take it over. After a strenuous shag, she took up a more relaxed position. “That’s right, take it easy!” Wolf commented. And when Johanna added her tongue to the proceedings Carrie orgasmed so powerfully that she almost exploded…


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