Satisfaction – Number 16 December 1994

Satisfaction – Number 16 December 1994

Satisfaction – Number 16 December 1994
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Satisfaction 16 Hungry Hole Plus More … Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Gracie was a very “nasty” chick who liked her sex hot and preferably with more than one guy at a time. When she was feeling horny – which was more or less permanently – she cruised the more exclusive uptown bars in Los Angeles, looking for likely “victims”. One evening, she picked two well heeled, not to men-tion “well hung” studs, who dragged her back to the penthouse they shared… When they got back to Mike…

… and Greg’s place, the action started immediately, and Gracie found herself sucking Greg’s big erection. “Hey, baby, why don’t you blow my buddy!” Greg suggested. “There’s another place I want to put my dick!” Gracie began sucking Mike’s stiff organ, whilst Greg took her from be-hind, pumping his iron-hard meat in and out of her silky cunny and making her come in record time…

Amanda loved collecting nice things, especially plants. The only problem was that she lacked the special talent required for arranging them to their best advantage. That is why she finally decided to call upon an interior decorator. He arrived with his young assistant, who’s job was to measure things up. It soon became clear to Amanda that both men were equally keen to “de-corate” another “interior”, namely: the inside of her hot little cunny!

Amanda sat down with her eyes at prick-level, ogling the big bulge in Henrik’s pants. Without thinking twice, she made a grab for it. “This is what I call mixing business with pleasure!” he laughed. Soon, Amanda found herself in the interesting position of having a cock in her mouth and another in her cunt…


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