Satisfaction - Number 20 March 1995

Satisfaction – Number 20 March 1995

Satisfaction – Number 20 March 1995
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Satisfaction 20 Sex Trio plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

When Charlie and Dirk decided to hold a Christmas party, they rang a special agency to supply them with a girl – the only guest! The two men did not really have Yule in mind, which Vicki discovered when they gave her their cocks as a present…

After her divorce, Samantha got herself a job as a barmaid in a little roadhouse near to San Fran-cisco. The wages weren’t much, but she made enough in tips to make up for it. The job had its compensations, however. Where there’s booze and good-looking chicks, there are always horny guys with something more than just a quick beer in mind. Samantha did not take advantage of this situation, until the evening that Andy tried to pick her up. She liked his looks, and agreed to meet him after closing time. The weather was warm, but Andy was even warmer! And by the time they reached Samantha’s house, he was burning to get into her pants…

… of the universe… She took a little break to cool down her pussy, and then she began to ride once more. She humped up and down as though she was possessed. Her previous orgasms were like a kind of mini prelude to the ex-plosive climax that she fi-nally reached. It felt as though someone had shoved a stick of dyna-mite into her hole! After that, the only thing she really desired…


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