Sex Bizarre - Number 23 September 1978

Sex Bizarre – Number 23 September 1978

Sex Bizarre – Number 23 September 1978
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Sex Bizarre 23 From Color Climax, Porn Vintage Magazine Featuring Model Patient Pissing with CC Lizzie

Christel’s Shrove-tide party, which traditionally took place the day before Shrove Tuesday was famous — some might well describe it as infamous — throughout the town. Not only because of the delicious culinary courses and strong drinks, but more because it was general knowledge that in her house and on that particular day certain “liberties” were allowed and indeed taken! This eccentric house-wife who was married to a rich industrialist was in possession of a house of unequalled size and splendour and of course plenty of cash! Her husband, a tolerant old stick, was away on business as usual. This suited Christel fine — as it did her horny friends!

“You look very nice tonight, darling,” said Lizzie with a smile and gave her boyfriend a passionate kiss. “Just another week, and then I’ll be out!” sighed Erhard. His eyes shined. “Then we’ll have a nice juicy fucking session! We won’t do anything but fuck on the first day!”

“My cock’s just about to burst! It wants something as randy as I am!” moaned Erhard. “Well, we don’t need to wait a whole week,” said Lizzie dryly. Her hand slid down to his erection and caressed it softly and gently. “Ohh, that’s good!” sighed Erhard, “keep going darling — no one will disturb us here! I am, after all, a private patient!” Lizzie knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. Erhard moaned excitedly …


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