Sex Bizarre – Number 28 May 1980

Sex Bizarre – Number 28 May 1980
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Sex Bizarre 28 the sensational series showing Urolagnia. The girls are depraved and lustful, loverly and lecherous and will delight …

If I hadn’t decided to extend my holiday in Copenhagen, I would never have met Sophie. And a chapter in my sexual education would have been missing from the story of my life. She was affectionate, generous, uninhibited and decidedly kinky. I remember visiting her parents’ house, where we had planned to spend the day together. The weather was very warm. so we went into the garden to enjoy the sunshine. I had my camera with me and suggested I take a few photos. “Why not take some pictures of the real me!” Sophie suggested in her sexy voice. I knew exactly what she was getting at. and before long she was posing in all sorts of sexy positions. The sight of her firm, shapely tits and the dark fragrant bush between her legs soon had my prick quivering. I grabbed her from behind … !

It was the year 1918. The world was in a state of ferment. The first world war was nearing an end, and Germany was beset by revolution and mutiny. All this had little or no effect on the Reich-countess Henriette, who lived the life of a recluse in her castle in Westphalia, keeping herself occupied with minor tasks, and amusing herself with her rather bizarre compulsions. The only contact that she had with the war, were the army letters she received from her consort, Reich-count Hugo. It was on his strict instructions that only the servants and a nurse called Liselotte were allowed to intrude on the Reich-countess’s solitude. And this was something that Liselotte was doing more and more …

At last, things seemed to be going better for Waltraud and Rosemarie. Having written and replied to 9 different ads in a sex-contact magazine, they had finally found a couple who shared the same sexual tendencies as they did, and were very charming into the bargain. Up until now, the two shop assist-ants had kept their sex-hobby – pissing – to them-selves, not risking the involvement of friends or lovers. They didn’t wish to lose their good reputation, just for the sake of piss games …


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