Sex Bizarre - Number 48 July 1989

Sex Bizarre – Number 48 July 1989

Sex Bizarre – Number 48 July 1989
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Sex Bizarre 48 A pussy dinner for a kinky quartet! plus more… The World Famous Wet Sex Magazine

Rodney had a particular Pettish that his regular girl-friend definitely did not share. So, whenever he felt the urge to indulge himself, he sought “profession-al” help. He knew a few ladies of the night. who drank at his local pub in West London. They were never unwilling to go back to his place for a little session of wet-sex and humiliation. They also knew that Rodney could afford the extra fee they demanded for their special services…

Kurt’s girlfriend Hanne, was always trying to find new ways of spicing up their sex-life. And when she turned up with Suzie. one of her girlfriends. he knew that Hanne had a three-some in mind. He was right. and he looked forward to “dipping his wick” in a new cunny. if he’d known what the two girls had in mind, he might not have been so eager as he was…

Whenever Klaus and Henriette entertained, they did it in style. Their guests were an English couple called John and Janet. John was Klaus’s opposite number in a swimwear firm in London. The English couple were blissfully unaware of the fact that when Klaus had invited them to dinner, he had a very special “dessert wine” in mind… The dinner was a great success. and Klaus decided to crack another bottle of Champagne. Everyone was a little bit tipsy…


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