Sexorama - Number 24 March 1984

Sexorama – Number 24 March 1984

Sexorama – Number 24 March 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 40.02 MB

Sexorama 24 by Color Climax. Vintage Danish Porm Magazine. Cute Girls, Hard Core sex featuring famous European, British & US girls.

Professor Jensen’s duties included making sure that peace reigned after midnight in the school dormitories. Herman, Tina and Betty were still playing cards as he made his rounds… “Okay, folks, that’s all for today, no arguments, you know the rules!” Jensen told them irritably, “come on, off to bed with you!” In their bedroom, Tina and Betty got undressed, but they weren’t feeling sleepy! “I’m not in the least bit tired, are you?” Tina asked her classmate. “No I’m not, but I am feeling bloody randy!” Betty replied, looking sexily at Tina…

Professor Jensen over-heard her rather disrespectful observation. What that lecherous little tart thought about his qualifications was immaterial, what was important, was her tight warm cunt, her small firm arse, that was so exciting to get a handful of, and her magnificent, firm breasts with their small, stiff nipples. He did not need to fuck her for long, before she reached a juicy climax, which made her scream randily. “Not so loud!” he said, “you don’t want to wake the whole school, do you?”

Fresh from the shower, Jorn settled down to a quiet wank. He was planning to screw his new girlfriend and figured a handjob would help him to overcome any pre-mature ejaculation problems. His groans were overheard by his sister, Mette and her schoolchum Yvonne… “Let’s see what he’s up to!” Mette suggested. When Yvonne saw Jorn’s cock, she fancied it immediately. “Yvonne’s crazy for your cock!” Mette informed him hornily. “Then she’s welcome to give it a suck!” Jorn replied generously…


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