Sexorama - Number 27 April 1984

Sexorama – Number 27 April 1984

Sexorama – Number 27 April 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 22.23 MB

Sexorama 27 by Color Climax. Vintage Danish Porm Magazine. Cute Girls, Hard Core sex featuring famous European, British & US girls.

Featuring Models:
1st Story: Swanee and Chulida
Erotic Encounter: Marilyn Jess
Tender Evening: Tova (aka Mrs. Jensen/ Tiny Tove´s mom)
Photo Album: Dorrit (with strap-on / White toy)

“Is everything okay…?” Claus asked Lizzie over the pho-ne. Lizzie was a procurer of girls for him and his guests… “Just perfect!” she answered, “I’ve just found a couple of Thai girls down on the main pedestrian street! We should be over at your place in approximately ten minutes!” Claus turned to his guests with a triumphant look… “You’d better prepare yourselves for a bit of fun, Paul! My pet cunt hunter Lizzie has just captured two Siamese kittens… And she’s bringing them right over!” “That’s great, I’ve got a hard-on already!” Paul replied.

Fifteen minutes later, the lovely “cunt hunter” arrived at Claus’s apartment with the two Thai girls that she’d been talking about on the phone. “Wow! I must say that I’ve never seen an Oriental girl with such big breasts before!” Jens exclaimed as Lizzie lifted Chulida’s blouse, to give him an eyeful of her goodies! “And take a look at her juicy cunt!” Paul rejoined, pulling her labia apart… “God! I feel like giving it a good licking right now!” he went on enthusi-astically, sitting on the floor and burying his nose right between Chulida’s lovely satin-skinned thighs…

I you were to run into Diana and Kate. whilst doing some shopping, or the like. you’d be justified in think-ing that the sexy pair were used to spending their nights in discothe-ques, meeting lots of handsome guys. But you’d be wrong! In fact, Kate and Diana are 100% lesbian! You can look at them – but don’t touch! When these two sapphic beauties want to have a little fun. they do it at home, in their exclusive but cosy little flat in Copenhagen. One evening, after a visit to the ci-nema to see the French film Ema-nuelle, they were both so turned on by the sight of the beautiful, naked star, that their blood began to boil. Pointless to say, as soon as they got home they were feeling hyper-randy!

“I must have made a real-ly good impression on you in the bushes that time!” said Claude as he atten-tively helped her out of her clothes. For the first time he observed that she not only had an enchant-ing face, but a figure to match it. That time in the bushes it had been a quickie and there hadn’t been that much light. “You look ravishing,” he com-plimented her, and kissed her hand lecherously. At the same time she pressed herself up against him. Gently he laid her on the sofa and started to lick her sweet smelling cunt.


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