SexOrgies – Number 28 March 1989

SexOrgies – Number 28 March 1989
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 96.5 MB

SexOrgies 28 Great Pictures, Beautiful Girls, Fantastic Sex Orgies – The real thing from Color Climax

Featuring Models:
Anal Debut: Veronica Moser (from Anal Sex 53)
Big Black Boobs: ‘Sally’ (‘Jamaican Diane’) (from Color Climax 109)
Other stories from CC113, 125, 126

“I’m really glad you invited me over for the weekend,” Greta said. looking hungrily at Heidi’s snatch. “But don’t you think Heinz will be angry, if he finds out what we’re up to’?” “What if he is, do you think I give damn about him?” Heidi replied as she pulled down her boyfriend’s sister’s panties. “An eyeful of what we’re getting up to, might put some life back into his prick!” The two girls caressed each other hotly. The forbidden aspect of their illicit assignation added a some extra spice to the erotic proceedings…

When Georgio suggested going back to his place for a drink. Clara had accepted his invitation straight away. There was something kinky and at the same time. gentle about him. His romantic, al-most old-fashioned ideas appealed to her. In other words, he was just her cup of tea. And whenever Clara met a man who fell into that category. she always wanted to get to know him better – one hell of a lot better…!

Connie was impressed. When she’d made a date with Raoul the night before, to meet him at a little cafe, she’d only half expected him to keep their rendezvous. Raoul kept his promise however… Not only did he show up, but arrived driving a brand new Porsche. Her cunny grew quite wet as she got into the car, so that they could take a ride to his place…


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