SexOrgies - Number 32 September 1989

SexOrgies – Number 32 September 1989

SexOrgies – Number 32 September 1989
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 98.7 MB

SexOrgies 32 Great Pictures, Beautyful Girls, Fantastic Sex Orgies – The real thing from Color Climax

Featuring Models:
Lewd Cousins = Donna Berkeley and Jenny Hall
Hot Holiday = Anne Karna

Madeleine and her cousin Lora were a couple of nymphos who often hung around the local sports club. They weren’t particularly fond of cricket, but they both had hot pants for Jimmy, a black batsman. One af-ternoon the girls decided to take the bull by the horns – or rather the man by his prick – in the bar of the club…

Having seen all the obligatory spots on the tourist’s itinerary, during the first week of his vacation in San Francisco. Richard suddenly awoke to the fact that some-thing was missing – a nice. friendly cunt! So. when he met Katie on one of the city’s famous tramcars. it was a case of lust at first sight! He invited her back to the apartment he was renting, and she accepted his invitation…

Baron Emile von P. was a penniless eccentric. He was so poor, that his mistress had to double as his housemaid! His creditors were getting impatient and he was desperately trying to hit on a scheme to extend his overdraft! Nana, his lover, knew that their bank manager Mr. Marks was a social climber and a snob, who would do almost anything to get into the Baron’s elevated circle of friends. She decided to solve her lover’s problem by showing Mr. Marks her sexual favours in return for hard cash!

Doing a favour for a good friend can sometimes be quite rewarding. as Tony found out. Especially when the friend’s father is stinking rich! His friend had shown his gratitude by inviting Tony for an all expenses paid holiday on his father’s estate on the outskirts of Madrid. The house was a palatial white mansion with every kind of luxury imaginable. Tony had taken his girlfriend Julie with him, and she was very impressed… She too was of the opinion that it paid to help one’s friends!


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