SexOrgies – Number 33 December 1989

SexOrgies – Number 33 December 1989
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages |

SexOrgies 33 Great Pictures, Beautyful Girls, Fantastic Sex Orgies – The real thing from Color Climax

Satin Slits = CC models Connie and Kristine
Hot Little Orgy = Ursula Gaussmann
Nature Lovers = Patti Murray

When Lisbeth’s boyfriend stood her up on a date, she decided to ring Jan, an old flame. Jan was more than ready to offer her sympathy, and a length of his cock if ne-cessary! “Tell me. do you still wear no panties?” he asked, pulling up her dress…

Theodor was unable to conjure up any inspiration. It wasn’t that Jenny and Susan were bad models – in fact, their newly shaved cunts were affecting his gonads quite heavily. Unfortunately their bald slits were not enough to spur the young painter on to com-pleting a masterpiece… “Jesus!” he shouted temperamentally. “I can’t seem to paint a thing! Can’t you girls do something? Pose in a different way perhaps… play with each other’s pussies… any-thing! Just as long as I can get something down on this bloody canvas! Please, girls… please… please!”

Having a wealthy daddy meant that Sukie could afford to part with vast sums of mo-ney, to have her analyst tell her what she actually already knew – she was pathelogi-cally horny! She could also afford the only cure that she knew for her condition: To hold red-hot orgies in the sumptuous house that she derisively referred to as: “My little slum down in old San Pedro!”

Louis and Nanette loved to stroll in the grounds around his country estate. They were both very fond of the great outdoors – not to mention being fond making love in the open! Nanette was a full-figured woman with long, shapely legs and a pair of huge tits that gave Louis a hard-on by just looking at them! They walked about, until they arrived at their favourite spot. The place held very special memories for them both… Louis kissed her neck affectionately…


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