SexOrgies - Number 34 December 1989

SexOrgies – Number 34 December 1989

SexOrgies – Number 34 December 1989
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 76 MB

Featuring Stories In SexOrgies 34:
When Gloria took a trip to London from the little village where she lived, she had two things in mind: shopping, and picking up a guy, who could hope-fully satisfy her nymphomanic sexual appetite. She didn’t find much of interest in the big departmant stores, but she did manage to pick up Ben, a well-hung, young black guy… As soon as they got back to her house, Gloria almost fell on Ben’s long, throbbing, ebony prick…

After a long voyage, there’s nothing better than to go home to a nice woman and a hot fuck. And that’s what Peter intended to do! His girlfriend Suzanne, was eagerly waiting for him, and she didn’t even raise an eyebrow, when he turned up with Jack, one of his shipmates… The more the merrier, as far as she was concerned – especially if they had three months of pent-up passion and desire to get off their chests!

One thing’s for sure, when Pam appears on stage with all her coloured feathers, every man in the audience jumps for joy! She’s really earned her place in the centre pages of this magazine! Readers who haven’t had the chance to see Pam in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or Las Vegas can enjoy their own private show in comfort at home! “I’ve always been a ‘flasher!” she admits without the slightest trace of shame. “And now, I can fulfill all my needs at one and the same time!” she concludes happily. It seems to us, that her “needs” aren’t the only ones that she is fulfilling – are they?!

Gretchen liked her new job as housemaid on Ulrich’s farm. It gave her plenty of time to give her muscular employer the eye, whilst he worked. “You look just like Eve, eating that apple!” Ulrich informed her randily. “I’ve got something much more tempting than a piece of fruit!” Gretchen replied, as she revealed one of her big breasts…

Being the lead guitarist with a very successful rock group, was Johnny Dark’s dream come true. It meant a life of luxury, plenty of spending cash, thousands of adoring fans, a big limousine and of course. groupie girls! Like the two who got into his Cadillac, after a show…


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