Sexy Girls - Number 12 (1975)

Sexy Girls – Number 12 (1975)

Sexy Girls – Number 12 (1975)
English, German | JPG | 36 Pages | 8.55 MB

Sexy Girls 12 Magazine Vintage Porn – Hot and Horny Sexy Models Just For You!

Today, this 22-year old English girl has done her-self up especially, and no-body would believe that she was a grey bank-clerk. She is expecting some-one … In fact, Eva is in general eagerly expecting male visitors. Even though it is only her old friend Johnny, she is waiting, there is a certain tingling atmosphere of something exciting, unknown.

She can’t stop herself from imagining Johnny with his long, bony hard-on, who will soon throw himself at her, and this thought makes her so incredibly randy, that she can’t stop herself from begin-ning to play a little with her pussy, in this way getting a foretaste of things to come. “Come on, you big hunk!” she moans out loud, “you’ve made me suffer for more’ than half an hour. My tits are longing for your big kneading hands, your biting teeth and your tireless tongue. And my pussy is dying to get a good licking.” Carefully, she caresses the inside of her thighs like Johnny would, and thrusts her fingers into her cunt, turning it inside out.

Alice is somewhat divided on men. She can only muster a scornful smile at the thought of a conventional bang, and when she does fuck a man it is usually in order to cover her real desire: Alice is nuts about pretty, young girls, and older, mature women. And their company is not for small talk and tea-drinking.

Now and then the urge strikes Kitten. An almost unbearable urge to whip off her blouse and bra in the middle of the street, letting her enormous boobs burst forth, while at the same time she exposes her naked arse to wide-eyed passers-by. But she restrains herself to exposure to her mirror at home, where she takes delight in massaging her terrific tits ..

“You know what, when you’ve been working over five different pricks in a single day, fucking just becomes one great bore. Then you prefer to be alone. When I’m on my own, I just love playing with my pussy. I only have to play with it for a few minutes before I get a roaring orgasm, coming all over the place. It’s had a lot of pricks, but my cunt is still beautifully tight •..”


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