Sexy Girls - Number 39 October 1981

Sexy Girls – Number 39 October 1981

Sexy Girls – Number 39 October 1981
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 41.04 MB

Sexy Girls 39 Regine and Agathe, plus more… – Hot and Horny just for You!

Featuring Models:
Eileen Daly
Serena – Cara Lott
Magda – Sharon Sorrentino
Victoria Knoll, Carolyn Burch and Laurie Noel

Many have tried – at least once-to make love in a field, amongst the haystacks – which can be a real pleasure, as long as one doesn’t suffer from hay-fever! Regine certainly doesn’t, as one can see here. In fact the only fever she gets, is “sex fever”, whether she’s alone or with a bucolic Don Juan …

When one sees the size of Agathe’s cunt lips, they give the definite impression that when she was in high school, one of her more nasty teachers pulled them, instead of her ears! Or could it be that she’s masturbated like a maniac for years and years? We’re more inclined to believe in the second theory! There are some tribes in Asia and Africa who manipulate the-se parts deliberately, in or-der to get what they call an “apron”. Even though Agathe herself has not been through all that ritual, she could become a new “Venus Hottentots” without much trouble, the one with the little sex apron …

When sultry Consuela, from Lima in Peru, ran away from home so that she could make a career out of modelling, she had no illusions about the horny men, who might offer to help her to fame and fortune. What did surprise her however, was the different parts of her body that they desired to possess! “I had no idea that men had anything else but cunt on their minds!” she says, a hint of surprise still in her voice. “But I was really wrong – I’m happy to say! I’m still a virgin!” she continues smiling … “In my left nostril!”


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