Sexy Girls – Number 48 January 1985

Sexy Girls – Number 48 January 1985
English, German, French | JPG | 61 Pages | 51.82 MB

Sexy Girls 48 – Hot and Horny just for You! From Color Climax

Sandy from Boulder, Colorado, likes improving on her sun-tan and arranging group-sex parties. She’s so good at it that all the local swingers have nick-named her: “The Orgynisor”!

Although running her sex-aid business takes a lot of her time, Amanda is still enough of an exhibitionist to find a minute to flash her pussy for the camera! “I miss porno posing!” she admits ruefully, “but there are lots of ladies out there, who want dildos, and my little firm seems to be filling a ‘hole’ in the market!” she adds with a randy laugh. Even though her status makes her a “liberated woman”, Amanda is definitely not a female chauvenist… “I’m very old fashioned – not to mention down-right, bloody horny – when it comes to fucking!” she in-forms us…

When Dolores left Guadalupe in Mexico to seek fame and fortune over the border in California, it didn’t take long before a sharp-eyed, photographer with a permanent hard-on spotted her! “His cock was his biggest talent!” Dolores admits, “and his fucking technique was better than his photographic expertise!” As you can see. Dolores has left him, for better things!

Charlotte does sexy poses to help pay for her studies -and because she loves doing it! Literature is her subject, and ever since she read “Fanny Hill”, Charlotte has had a “thing” about dressing in clothes from that period… “Fanny Hill and I have a lot in common!” she began posing naughtily as her heroine might have done…


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