Sexy Girls - Number 52 January 1987

Sexy Girls – Number 52 January 1987

Sexy Girls – Number 52 January 1987
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 64.8 MB

Sexy Girls 52 – Hot and Horny just for You!

Featuring Models:
Sade as Bonda
Tammi McAndrus as Claire
Eileen Daly as Grace
Debra Lynn as Maryse
Melissa Melendez as Angela
Brittany Stryker as Agathe
Crystal Breeze as Marie
Cleo (She Appears In SG47 Too)
Parade, featuring Liz Baker, Christine Cooper and Jackie McArdle
Gloria Vasquez as Delia

Featuring Stories:
«Hi, there! I’m Bonda… I’m a stripper from Amsterdam where my stage-name is “Mamma Banana”, because I come from Africa. My skin is so black that some of the guys in the audience try to be clever, making vulgar jo-kes like: ‘Hey, sweetie! We can’t see your pussy, how about taking a piss to give us a clue!’ I heard one guy shout: ‘I’m dying of hunger. baby! Give me your split. Banana!’ It’s lucky I’ve got a sense of humour, and can answer their silly remarks by just bending over and showing them my arse… you know, just like this…!

Seductive-looking Claire, is very wealthy, and models simply for the fun of it. She’s a born “sexhibitionist”, and adores flashing her her all! And guess what? Her boy-friend’s a voyeur!

Luscious, long-legged Lisa spends most of her time looking after the winter-garden of her boyfriend’s house. She tends to all the plants, and when she’s finished, there’s nothing she li-kes better than parting the “petals” of her pussy…

Maryse, from French Switzerland, is a champion skier. It is as though she was born, practising the sport! And in fact, that isn’t far from the truth. Maryse – like many Swiss misses from the mountains – received her first pair of skis when she was very little. Now that she’s a big girl, Maryse has another hobby – holding a prick in each hand, instead of two ski-poles. She loves threesomes… “There’s nothing better than being in bed with a couple of really horny studs, after sliding around the slopes on a bitterly cold day – it really gets one warm!”


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