Teenage Dreamgirls - Number 09 May 1990

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 09 May 1990

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 09 May 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 69.54 MB

Teenage Dreamgirls 09 horny rider. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Models:
Horny Rider: Gail Powell
Bitch Hitch: Tess Ferre

One afternoon, when Bonnie’s parents were out, she invited Herbert, the groom, who looked after her favourite stallion, into the house… Herbert was hung like a horse, and Bonnie was burning for his big black cock!…

On the way home, Vanessa couldn’t keep her eyes off the big bulge in Charlie’s pants. And when they got there, she did her best to make it grow even bigger! She was dying for his prick, and as she sucked it, she thought about how nice it would feel, buried up to the hilt in her soft pussy…

When Billy wasn’t playing with baseballs, he loved to have a couple of fresh chicks playing with his balls! He was an up and coming star and had plenty of willing girls to join in his erotic games. One morning, he received a visit from Angie, his manager’s daughter, and Cheryl, one of her schoolmates. After he’d shown them some of his master strokes with the bat. he intended to show the two chicks some “strokes” of an entirely different nature!

Jane’s parents wouldn’t ler her use the car, so sometimes she took the bus and sometimes she hitched a ride. One day, she thumbed a lift from a couple of young studs who liked her looks. Jane pointed a finger in the direction she wanted to go and hopped into the car. As they drove, a dirty plan began to form itself in her mind. She fancied a couple of cocks!


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