Teenage Dreamgirls - Number 13 February 1991

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 13 February 1991

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 13 February 1991
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 70.3 MB

Teenage Dreamgirls 13 sexy and shaved, plus more… Color Climax: Teenage DreamGirls is exclusively dedicated to the ‘exploits’ of young lovelies in stories specially chosen from the earlier Teenage publications.

Featuring : Sexy and Shaved – One-Eyed Piccolo – Horny Hawaii – …
Danish Pornstar Tiny TOVE aka Tove JENSEN 4 pages nude – Classic Pornstars Stacey DONOVAN & Kristara BARRINGTON fucked by Blake PALMER on a Jeep tour in Hawaii (14 pages of porno fotos) – Anal Learner Jennifer NOXT in hot threesome with Dan T.MAN & Marc WALLICE (18 pages of Porn Pictures) – One-Eyed Piccolo – … TOVE has invited you for some special private time alone. She really wants to strip for you and show you how she loves to masturbate when there isn’t a dick around to please her. She knows that you want to watch her dildoing her pussy with a big sex toy, come on in.

When Adele told her boyfriend Charlie. that she had a surprise for him, he was not expecting it to be such a sexy one… She had shaved her pussy clean…

Connie’s parents were on a trip, leaving her alone at home. Alone is not quite accurate. A couple of plumbers called Gerry and Phil were there too. But they were more inter-ested in her private “waterworks”…

Jytte was unmusical – to put it mildly! The reason that she started taking recorder lessons was quite easy to explain, however… It was the smallest instrument she could find, and in addition. she fancied Hans. the local music teacher. She also fancied blowing on the instrument that hung between his legs! After three or four lessons. Hans had seen through her little plan. In fact. he was totally convinced about her real motives for visiting him…


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