Teenage Dreamgirls - Number 15 July 1991

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 15 July 1991

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 15 July 1991
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages | 115.57 MB

Teenage Dreamgirls 15 play doll. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Models:
Stunning Jennifer Noxt and Veronica Moser
An Ace In The Hole – Candie Evans & Barbie Doll

Like a lot of girls her age Tina had a very playful nature. and loved sexy games. Her boyfriend Nick. knew what she was like and he didn’t mind sharing her body in order to satisfy her lusts. One afternoon, he invited his friend Peter over to his place to lend a “helping cock”. And in no time at all, she had her panties off and was…

Her words were like music to her horny teachers ears. She wasn’t the first of his female pupils to receive his sexual attention, but being a careful type. Lance always like to let them make the first move! He sat beside her on the piano stool, pulled down the front of her blouse and began to caress her firm little titties… “This is what I call my special finger exercise!” he remarked wittily. “I call it the ‘erotic arpeggio’!” he added…

Franz was an anal maniac, and it didn’t take much persuading on Trudi’s part, to get him to take her back to his place… Once there. she quickly got to work on his prick… think I’ll call you Franz super schvanz!” she giggled. “Call me what you like, as long as you let me tuck your lovely little arsehole!” he replied homily. “You can fuck me anywhere you want to!” Trudi answered passionately. “And the quicker the better!”


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