Teenage Dreamgirls - Number 23 July 1994

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 23 July 1994

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 23 July 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 69.4 MB

Teenage Dreamgirls 23 finding a fast fuck and French fuckers, plus more… Color Climax: Teenage Dreamgirls is exclusively dedicated to the ‘exploits’ of young lovelies in stories specially chosen from the earlier Teenage publications.

Featuring Models:
Finding a fast fuck – Paula PRICE – Teenage School Girls 27
French fuckers – “Juliette” aka Isabelle NEYLE & “Mimi” – Teenage School Girls 28
Playing a Sexy Game – Tina GORDON – Teenage Sex 52
A double dose of prick – Ashley DUNN – Teenage School Girls 26

Libby was a very horny high-school girl, who simply could not resist the temptation of a quick thrill. She was attracted to strange men, and got a real charge out of using her sex-appeal to turn them on. Her parents’ warnings about not talking to strangers went in one ear and out of the other. When she felt like a fast fuck, it would have taken a earthquake to stop her getting one…

When Juliette had agreed to spend a week-end at Mimi’s parents’ luxurious country house, south of Paris, she had been expec-ting to find her college friend alone. She had not expected to be meeting Antoine…

Troels and Else liked to play an exciting little game they called: “Pick the Dildo”. Tro-els hid a pair of vibrators be-hind his back, and whichever of his hands Else selected, held the phallus that they would end up using in their erotic fun and games…

According to one set of statistics, boys think about sex on average, six hundred and fifty times a day! If Cheryl had been a boy, the average would have been doubled at the very least! Luckily for her, she did not have to spend too much time thinking about fucking, because mostly, she was doing it! She had a boundless sexual appetite, a beautiful body and she attracted the opposite sex like a “prick magnet”. One day, she decided to stay away from college, and go on a cock hunt instead. She met Lee and Gerry in uptown L.A., and ten minutes later, they were all in Lee’s apartment…


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