Teenage Dreamgirls - Number 25 February 1995

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 25 February 1995

Teenage Dreamgirls – Number 25 February 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | 68 pages | JPG | 64 MB

Teenage Dreamgirls 25 sexual game and erotic dream, plus more… Color Climax: Teenage DreamGirls is exclusively dedicated to the ‘exploits’ of young lovelies in stories specially chosen from the earlier Teenage publications.

As soon as Barabra set eyes on Karl, a new guy at her college, she had the hots for him. She invited him back to her place to hear some records. Karl loved pop music, but he was hoping the only tune he’d be hearing was “Melodi d’Amour”! Suddenly, Barbara felt Karl’s hand caressing her arse…

Alfons owned a motor barge which he had moored on one of the waterways of Paris. He had converted the boat’s cargo hold into a spacious living quarter with all the comforts of home. In fact, the barge was Alfons’ home, or as he called it: “My floating palace of sin”! The name was quite apt, because no girl who had ever been on board escaped unseduced! Alfons had a theory that once women left dry land, their libidos became overcharged. Denise was no exception to Alfons’ theory. She had only been on the boat for about twenty minutes…

Anne and Harvey were both in need of extra math lessons. It was clear that neither of them was really interested in the subject. And whilst Julie, their teacher droned on about graphs and curves, Harvey dreamed about how nice it would be to give both of them a hot little fuck…

He imagined Julie catching him with his hand down Anne’s panties… But instead of being angry, Julie suggested a change from math to a study of the female anatomy – hers!


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