Teenage Gold - Number 01 November 1995

Teenage Gold – Number 01 November 1995

Teenage Gold – Number 01 November 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 132 Pages | 57.17 MB

Teenage Gold 01 From Color Climax. All The Models Are 18 Years Old (+18) Or More

Featuring Models:
Horny Fun: Didi (Blonde)
Rough And Ready: Veronica Moser
Fuck My Butt: Flame

Jens and his assistant Anne, had just finished photographing a collection of dildos for an advertisement when Anne’s friend Trudi, turned up at the studio. The dildos gave Trudi a naughty idea… “Why don’t we take some porno photos?” she suggested. “I haven’t got enough film!” Jens replied. But we can still have an orgy without taking pictures!” he added hornlly…

Anne was the first to get the photographer’s meat in her succulent little tunny. She lowered herself slowly, letting Trudi guide it between her glistening labia, until she was fully impaled. After two minutes of being tucked in the cunny, she begged Jens to arsefuck…

There are a lot of guys who have a little black book”, filled with the telephone numbers of girls they know are a sure fuck. Sue-Anne had a little book too. But instead of containing telephone numbers, her’s contained a list of all the different guys she’d screwed, how big their cocks were, how they performed etc. She was always on the lookout for somebody new to add to the list..


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