Teenage Gold - Number 14 April 2006

Teenage Gold – Number 14 April 2006

Teenage Gold – Number 14 April 2006
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 132 Pages | 137 MB

Teenage Gold 14 Sex Magazine From Color Climax

Vera took her bust friend Nonni, with hor to the workshop. She wanted to know when her father’s car Was going to be ready. But there was another reason for her visit. She had hot pants for Jan, a smooth talking salesman. And atter what she had been told. Nonni had hot – not to mention wet – pants tool She wanted to get to know him in the worst possible wayl “When will my father’s car be ready?” Vera asked. giving Jan a randy look. “We just need to check the battery.” Jan replied. “Maybe you can check our batteries at the same time!” Vera suggested half-jokingly…

Jessica and Kalinka were a couple of hot little nymphos, who were always on the look-out for a prick, or two… It was no accident when they wandered into the men’s steam bath, one day when they were at the local swimming facility… Jonas thought he was still dreaming, when he awoke from a snooze, to find the two girls ogling him… Jonas was a man of action, who did not believe in mincing words… “Do you want to see my cock?” he enquired cheekily…

Janet had never been on holiday alone before. Her summer breaks were always spent with her parents at some resort or other on the English coast. Now, here she was in Ibiza, away from the watchful eyes of mummy and daddy… The island was paradise for a teenager with a burning cunny, and it not take her long to find what she was looking for… As soon as she set eyes on Pedro, at a beachside cafe, she decided that he was the one. The young Spaniard had nothing against…


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