Teenage Schoolgirls - Number 01 February 1985

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 01 February 1985

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 01 February 1985
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Teenage Schoolgirls 01 High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love and lust.

Charlene and Peggy were both feeling very hot, when they tell school, to take the bus home. The summer sun plus a very graphic biology lessor, on reproduction in humans had left them both with very damp, sweaty young crutches and an itch between their legs that had to be scratched! When they discovered that they had the school-bus to themselves. the two horny girls decided to do a sexy number on Carl the driver

Of course, Willy didn’t are lake plus new conquest to his bedroom on the first floor because he was too arra.c1 01 his mother calling for him to do something or other. That’s why he had to take Blanka right there in the living room)

When Franz picked Truth up from school, to do some lunchtime shopping, her mind was really on other things. Or to be more precise. she was still feeling horny from their last session of lovemaking, where Franz had Introduced her lo the toys of anal intercourse! She wanted to repeat the “sexperiente” as soon as possible!


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