Teenage Schoolgirls - Number 33 March 1992

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 33 March 1992

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 33 March 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 198 MB

Teenage Schoolgirls 33 High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Stories And Models Names:
Erotic Ride – Marilyn Rose (White Dress)
Alicyn Sterling
Picnic Sandwich – Nicky Pearce
Sexy Playmate – Ela Star
Girl On The Loose – Alison Wills
Sunday Fuck – Ashley Winger

The two things Jamie liked best in life were fast cars and fast girls. His job as a salesman for an exclusive motor firm in Los Angeles meant that he always had an impressive set of wheels to drive. And as cars like the ones he drove acted like a “cunt magnet”, picking up chicks was no problem. Like the morning he met Becky and Elaine. His gleaming Jaguar did the trick, and within two minutes, the girls were sitting by his side on the way back…

Natasha was wild about swarthy-looking guys who had a bit of the bandit about them. And when Kaspar started working at her college cafeteria, a single glance in his direction was almost enough to give her a spontaneous orgasm. He reminded her of a pirate from one of her wet dreams…

Jenny did not believe in doing things by half measures. In other words, she preferred two pricks to one! She was on holiday with some friends of her parents who had a summer house in Marbella. They were very under-standing people and there were no restrictions. They even introduced her to a couple of guys they were friendly with…


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