Teenage Schoolgirls - Number 38 July 1993

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 38 July 1993

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 38 July 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 199 MB

Teenage Schoolgirls 38 Zena finds herself a pair of magic pricks, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

One thing Juliette did not need was a “Romeo”! In fact, she had so many boyfriends hanging round that her father was about to have a nervous breakdown. “You’ll have to stay with your cousin, in Can-nes!” he informed her “If you stay in Paris, your lovers will drive me crazy!”

When Zena’s mother had been younger, she work-ed as a conjurer’s assistant in a travelling carnival. Zena had inherited her love for the mystical side of life, and taste for the dramatic. That’s why she was over the moon when she landed a job in Zoltan’s Magical Theatre. Zoltan and his assistant Igor, were only too happy to show her the tricks of the trade, like disappearing cabinets…

Dirk was a “dirty young man”, with a preference for teenagers, especially ones with red-hair. He was always to be found, searching the streets of Ham-burg looking for fresh “prey”. One day, he struck really lucky, when he found Alicia. For him, she was “Miss Right”. A delicious red-head, complete with freckles and the kind of smell that drove him out of his mind. He met her…

What happens when two randy schoolgirls find some lesbian mags in their teacher’s desk drawer? The following story will reveal all! It was first featured in LESBIAN LOVE 11, and is full of the kind of hot tricks that nau-ghty teenagers get up to when their curio-sity has first been aroused…

Sue-Anne’s college friends had not nick-named her “Screw-Anne”, for nothing. The very thought of a big prick would put her into an ecstatic trance, and send a flood of juice into her panties. Nick was the new guy on campus. Sue-Anne’s innocent appea-rance convinced him that she was a virginal type, who wouldn’t even kiss on a first date. He discove-red differently, after he’d invited…


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