Teenage Schoolgirls - Number 54 July 1998

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 54 July 1998

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 54 July 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 42 Pages (InComplete) | 13 MB

Teenage Schoolgirls 54 reate’s lover takes her anal virginity. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

SG54.1 – Randy Girl
featuring: Mandy Mystery, Conny Dachs
SG54.4 – Sexy Lesson
featuring: Roxana Kitty, Andrew Youngman, John Walton

Annalise’s boyfriend Henrik, was a great fan of Marilyn Monroe. He had pictures of her hanging everywhere. Annalise knew that the only ding the and the movie star had in common was that they were both blondes, but she was flattered that he thought they looked like each other… Henrik was also a keen photographer and he was always getting Annalise to pose for him in Marityn like pictures… Annalise did not mind being his model. For her, it was like foreplay. She know that after a few snaps, Henrik would have a…

… radical hard on, like the afternoon she had posed for fifteen minutes, and suddenly revealed her shapely breasts… “Forget candles in the wind!” she laughed family. 9 want a prick in my cunt!” Annalise did not believe in beating about the bush! Henrik’s cock nearly exploded as his randy lover pulled it out of his pants. It quivered wickedly in her hand. It was hot and “gristly” and ready…

Karen was always getting into trouble with her teachers for something or other. One afternoon, she had to stay late as a punishment for spilling ink over one of her schoolbooks. She did not mind being given a detention, on that particular day, because she had the hots for the teacher who was in charge, and the only other “detainee”, a sexy young stud from her parallel class… Karen started to act provocatively as soon as she arrived. And before she knew it, she found herself playing with a pair…

There was also the added thrill of doing it in a class-room! She had never been so worked up before… Orgasm followed orgasm, as her tea-cher and schoolmate gave her everything they had got…


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