Teenage Schoolgirls - Number 55 December 1998

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 55 December 1998

Teenage Schoolgirls – Number 55 December 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 158.94 MB

Teenage Schoolgirls 55 From Color Climax Complete Scans
Models : Cute Blonde Pornstar Anna MAREK XXX aka Anuschka MAREK (22 pages) – Pornstar Lexi LEIGH Fucked (16 pages) – Sheila ROSSI (20 pages) – …

Angelica did not share her boyfriend’s passion for fishing. How could one possibly get enthusiastic about getting up in the middle of the night, just to go out and drown worms by some river bank?! That is why she was so happy one morning when the fish refused to bite. Now, maybe they could go home, and he could bury his “worm” in her pussy instead! Pasja loved riding on the back of Angelica’s bike. The feeling of her soft young buttocks, moving from side to side and pressing into his thighs always gave him a radical erection… By the time they got back to his place, he had forgotten all about hot coffee – he wanted hot cunny! Angelica…

Dina was the hottest pussy on campus. Or at least, that was the rumour circulating in all the male faculty houses. The truth was, her reputation was mostly the product of wishful thinking on the part of a lot of horny young men. On the other hand, if the situation was right, she had nothing against having a steamy fuck… The situation was very “right”, one afternoon when Dina did a friend a favour and delivered some shampoo to Don, a long-haired, college football hero who always got straight to the point…

When the subject is sex, the words naughty and French, go together like strawberries and cream… Anna was a very “naughty” girl, who had a preference for more mature men… She had tried a quick tuck with one of her classmates, but he did it like a rabbit, leaving her high and “wet”… Her first real “sexperience” was in the back room of a middle-aged newsagent, who screwed her brains out… Claude could not believe his luck when the innocent-looking blonde began to flirt with him. He really loved young flesh…


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