Teenage Sex - Number 08 January 1979

Teenage Sex – Number 08 January 1979

Teenage Sex – Number 08 January 1979
English, German, French | JPG | 64 Pages | 39.7 MB

Teenage Sex 08 Reprint 1982 From Color Climax

License to Fuck – Kerstin
Busting Out (‘Mary-Ann’)
Teenage Photo Gallery (‘Sally’ and ‘Lynn’)
Schoolgirl Photos (‘Birgit’, ‘Anne’ and ‘Rikke’)
Teasing Tutor (‘Pernille’)
Special Service (‘Lizzi’ and ‘Lis’)
Soda-Pop Surprise (‘Olivia’, ‘Carol’)

Just a few days ago, Kerstin passed her driving test, and now she was already perched on her brand-new motorcycle, whizzing through town in order to surprise her boy-friend. Never before had she felt so free and independent as she sped along, keenly conscious of the powerful motor’s vibrations between her thighs. Suddenly she saw a familiar face – at a bus stop. It was her lover. “I was just on my way out to you,” grinned Oluf, “but … may-be we’d better celebrate your success at my place!” “Hop on,” was her answer, “I can hardly wait …”

After school, Birgit had asked her girl friends Anne and Rikke back to her place. “Have you seen who’s in this magazine?” Rikke exclaims, “I hap-pen to know her – I’ve always envied her big breasts.” -“Rubbish!” Birgit laughs as sOe sees Rikke’s breasts, “You’ve got just as much as she has.” She suddenly gets an idea. “Hang on, I’ll take a picture of you, that ought to convince you.” Birgit looks at the polaroid and smiles: “If we send them this, they’re bound to publish it right away. I’m sure that the editor cannot resist to publish a pair of breasts like yours!”

Pernille hadn’t the slightest desire to learn to play the violin. “Why should I, Mom, when I don’t feel like it?” she had asked. “Just wait and see,” was the answer, “you’ll be just wild about it after the first lesson.” But Pernille’s mother surely didn’t mean “wild” in the way it turned out! “My God, I thought some old fogy was going to teach me to play,” she burst out happily, upon seeing Mr. Bentzen. “Luckily, not everyone who plays the violin is on their last legs,” smiled Bentzen, “and you seem to be an exceptionally quick pupil,” he continued, enfolding her in his arms.


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