Teenage Sex – Number 24 June 1982

Teenage Sex – Number 24 June 1982
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Teenage Sex 24, The girls in this series will do anything for their sexual pleasure – not to mention your porno pleasure too!

Hermann and Fritz were the most incorrigible seducers of teenage lasses. Anyone over nineteen didn’t stand a chance with them! Consequently, one day when they passed a charming young chick on the sidewalk, they exchanged cheeky glances and made a little joke: “Hey, sweetheart, aren’t you frightened of catching a head-cold in this icy weather …?!” Herman ask-ed her. “She might catch a cold in the arse – more like!” Fritz added. raising her fur coat with a sudden movement. revealing her lovely thighs and white knickers.

Jytte and Victoria were in their last year at high-school, which meant that they enjoyed certain privi-leges as senior pupils. One of these privileges was being able to use the school’s badminton court. after the day’s studies were over. One evening, after a particularly strenuous game, the girls stripped and hopped into the shower as usual. “Christ! that was a hard game!” Jytte muttered as Victoria helped her to shampoo, “my crutch is all sweaty and slippery!” “I bet you wouldn’t mind a good fuck now, eh?” her classmate replied clasping her in a soapy embrace. “I bet you wouldn’t either!” Jytte answered, as their trembling hands found each other’s cunts.

Marvin was a dirty bastard with a penchant for teenage girls. Whenever he picked up a likely looking lass, he always whisked them back to a little hotel he used quite often, where the staff all knew him well – and what he did to the girls, once he’d got them in his room!

Heidi and her two schoolmates had one really good way of making extrapocket money: namely, by committing what is normally referred to as “juvenile prostitution”. Often, on their way home from school, they would stop at their favourite spot and wait for some clients to solicit …

Ingrid is an avid Swedish bird watcher, who’s always to be found strolling round the forested areas near her country house, binoculars in hand. Ornothology isn’t this lovely daughter of nature’s only hobby – she gets the chance of spotting other things too! Like the day she caught two young people in the middle of a rousing pastoral fuck. She was so excited by the sight of the two love-birds that she frigged herself on the spot! Love birds are more arousing than blue tits or sparrows!


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