Teenage Sex - Number 56 April 1989

Teenage Sex – Number 56 April 1989

Teenage Sex – Number 56 April 1989
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Teenage Sex 56 Kinky Vacation, Plus More … TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation was one of the first porn magazines in the 1970s to display FULL-COLOR Pictures of Cute Nice Girls having hard-core sex.

High school was out! It was summer vacation, the time for beach parties, fun in the sun and fucking about – and the emphasis was definitely on fucking! Jolene and her boyfriend Bobby, had arranged to meet each other in Los Angeles, to choose a present for one of their classmates… Jolene was feeling too horny to go shopping, so she made a quick phone call, to find out…
… if her parents had left for work… The coast was clear and they made it back to her house in record time. “Oh. Bobby. I want you!” Jolene informed him hotly as they shared a very wet kiss. and Bobby caressed her beautiful. young breasts…

Gretchen was a very promising violinist. So promising, that she was approached by a young Hamburg agent, who had heard her playing at a school concert. Karl was very impressed by her talent – not to mention her lovely body! One afternoon, they arranged to meet in town, and then go on to Karl’s flat. He wanted to hear the young fiddle player in private. He was hoping that when she’d finished going through her paces, that she might “fiddle” with his “privates”!

Rita’s parents had always told her never to talk to strangers. She decided to ig-nore their advice, the evening that she took a short cut through a dark alley on her way home. The stranger was Larry, a cool guy in black leather, sitting astride a shiny black motorcycle…


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