Teenage Sex - Number 66 May 1991

Teenage Sex – Number 66 May 1991

Teenage Sex – Number 66 May 1991
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 31.1 MB

Teenage Sex 66 porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation was one of the first porn magazines in the 1970s to display FULL-COLOR Pictures of Cute Nice Girls having hard-core sex.

Featuring Models:
Prick Sharing = Monika Tanner, Zora Niemann
Early Morning Lust = Miss Pomodoro
Dying for Dick = Debbie van Gils
A Soldier’s Dream = Kascha

Lucy wasn’t sure why she had decided to play hooky from high-school, one Monday morning. All she knew was that she had an itch in her pussy, and that she felt more like screwing than studying. She was sitting in the park, figuring out what she was going to do. when a voice said: “Need some com-pany?” It was Tommy, one of her classmates. who had also decided that he needed a day off…

Reiner was a bit of an eccentric, which was what attracted Martha to him. He was also what she called a ‘male nymphomaniac’! When she boasted about his sexual appetite to Olga. one of her college friends, it was almost like a challenge… The two girls shared lots of other things, so why not share Reiner too? Luckily, Martha was not the possesive type…

Howard and Angle were on their way home from a late night party, where everybody had tucked each other’s brains out. Everybody – except them) Howard was a shy type, which Angie found both charming and frustrating. She had wanted to follow the other’s example, but he had just blushed like a virgin and said that he couldn’t with all those people around. But he did promise to make up for it as soon as they got back to her parent’s house…

Vike was what the Americans call “nasty. She had a never ending itch in her pussy that one prick simply could not “scratch-. That is why she always responded very positively to guys in pairs. One day. she ran into a couple of likely-looking guys…

Joe was more than ready for a week of what G.I.’s call: “R and R” (rest and relaxation). His unit had been through a very exhausting training and manoeuvres session, where they hadn’t seen a woman for six weeks. In other words, he was ready to stick his prick into the first pussy that made itself available! Joe was the last man out of the barracks. He was about to leave, when Corinne, his commanding officers daughter suddently turned up. She was dressed quite provocatively. which resulted in Joe getting an incredible boner. Corinne eyed the big bulge in his pants… “Is that a new secret weapon?’ she asked him naughtily…


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